5 awesome websites to learn HTML and CSS for free

5 awesome websites to learn HTML and CSS for free

You might have already setup your domain, host, and installed WordPress. Congrats, that’s already a great start! WordPress makes it so easy to get a website up and running that you might not even think about learning HTML and CSS. But, knowing the fundamentals goes a long way and will help you enhance your website even further.

So, check out these 5 awesome websites to learn the fundamentals and not get bogged down with the burden of building a new site. All the fundamental HTML and CSS concepts you learn can always be applied to any other web project you choose.

5 awesome websites to learn HTML and CSS for free



Learn HTML CSS Free Codecademy
Codecademy was one of the first places I started learning HTML and CSS. Since they launched, they have added even more courses and updated past courses. Their HTML and CSS course will teach you the fundamentals all the way through more advanced topics. If you want to learn more, they also teach Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP.



Learn HTML CSS Free Dash General Assembly
Dash, by General Assembly is my favorite of the list. I direct anyone interested in learning HTML and CSS here because of how they are able to teach the fundamentals so easily and how quickly you can start building awesome projects. You begin by building a simple personal website and can advance through building a full on responsive website. Their step by step teaching process is easy to understand and has a good pace.



Learn HTML CSS Free Udemy
Udemy is a little different than Codecademy and Dash, in that the “courses” are a series of videos that you follow along with. Search for “HTML” or “CSS” and you will find a lot of great courses (you can sort by free courses) that usually include both taught together. Quality can vary from course to course, but users can rate courses, which helps you see which courses others found most helpful. One of the greatest things about Udemy is that it is not just for learning code. There are tons of other great courses on a wide variety of topics.



Learn HTML CSS Free W3Schools
W3Schools has been around a while and is another great resource showing you how to build with HTML and style with CSS. I like to use W3Schools more as a reference guide or to look up exact syntax. A lot of times W3Schools will be the first result when searching basic HTML and CSS concepts through Google.



Learn HTML CSS Free KhanAcademy
KhanAcadmey has tons of educational videos on a wide range of topics similar to Udemy. Their “Intro to HTML” explains the basics clearly an very concisely. I still favor Udemy more personally, but everyone is different. KhanAcadmey can really be helpful for those who learn best visually.


Runner up


I left off YouTube because the teaching quality in videos varies so drastically… not to mention how easy it is to get distracted with countless cat videos, but YouTube is another great place to turn to when learning code in general.


A lot of these resources show you how to build a site from the ground up using HTML and CSS alone. This can be a great alternative to building a WordPress site. The downsides are the additional time needed to build a full functioning site, the lack of plugins extending your site’s functionality, and less flexibility to expand your site without learning additional languages such as Javascript or PHP. Remember, don’t get caught up with having to build a brand new website. Use your new found HTML & CSS skills to take your current website even further!

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